Agana is the first majini that Fami recruited for the Witch World. She was made by finalpassage for the Magical Fami fanmanga.

Bio Edit

Appearance Edit

Agana has short and spiky green hair and green eyes. Her everyday outfit consists of a light blue sweater and dark blue baggy pants. She has a dream catcher like accessory as a belt.

Personality Edit

She is a bit snappy and a bit rude at times. She claims that she hates adults; this is probably due to her parents who were constantly fighting in front of her, which ultimately lead to their divorce.

Apprentice Witch Edit

She used to be a really bad majini. Even though she meant well, all her attempts to help others would end up in failure. The witches have tried to persuade her to quit being a majini, but she refused to listen to them.

  • Spell: Pirmano Taro Victory!

Agana's fairy is Nana. She has green and spiky hair and apple green eyes.

Family Edit

Marine: She works at a jewelry shop. She's often far away from home due to her work.

Theodor: Just like his ex-wife, he is often away from home due to his work.

Trivia Edit

  • Her design was inspired by Yajin's fancharacter, Emiko.

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