Amanda Campbell is an American witch apprentice who is currently being trained by a witch named Majoapple.

She can often be found visiting Ojamajo Black and wishes to be trained by her.

Bio Edit

Appearance Edit

Amanda has long wavy dirty blond hair going to her hips, she wears jean short-shorts, light green sneakers, a light green tank top with a pink flower print on the bottom right part of her shirt, she has tan skin, dazzling blue eyes, she is 5'6 with a slender build. She is 15 but because of her looks she looks 16.

Personality Edit

Amanda is a lot like Doremi Harukaze in a sense she is rather dense and can get pretty angry really quick. She loves chocolate and panda's almost as much as Doremi Harukaze likes steak. She has an attitude and even makes adults nervous and hesitant to deal with her because of her tomboyish, rowdy ways. Which is so intense, she's been kicked out of almost twenty schools.

Inside however, Amanda is actually very sad by her rude and mean, hateful behavior she shows on the outside. Secretly she is also feminine and likes girly things every now and then.

For some reason, Amanda will mask her eyes while in apprentice form on a lot of occasions.

Apprentice Witch Edit

Before she became an apprentice herself, Amanda never really liked fairy tales or even magic. So much that it has effected her skills as an apprentice now and gives her trouble some of the time due to her disbelief.

However, she has also gained some talents and was able to skip a few exams as a result. With a respect towards Ojamajo Black, she sometimes shows off in hopes of getting herself noticed.

Amanda is a light green witch apprentice in her Carnival stage.

Amanda never liked magic or fairy tails for that matter. Well that was untill she saw one of her friends use magic afterwards she became one herself. After Anthony convinced her to like magic she quickly became very good with magic allowing her to skip about 3 exams afterwards.

  • Transform: Pretty Witchi Amanda-chi!
  • Spell: Pento Bento Kiton Presto!
  • Magical Stage: Pento Bento Strongly!

Amanda's fairy is named AmAm. She looks and acts like her perfectly except she can be a bit nicer then her owner.

Family Edit

April Campbell: Amanda's mother.

Rick Campbell: Amanda's father.

Carry Campbell: Amanda's older sister.

Quotes Edit

"A-Anthony your a......A......Witch!"


"Never forget our duties as Witch Apprentices."

"Touch me again and I will rip your heart out!"

"I refuse to lose to a wanna be Witch!"

"Anthony do your promise not to tell my secret?"

Trivia Edit

  • Amanda, like some Ojamajos, doesn't wear socks. But during winter she will.
  • Amanda is the first Apprentice to successfully ride her broom like a surf board.
  • Amanda is the second Apprentice in Ojamajo Anthony to be born.