Amy Silver is a young, naughty witch created by Quinn R. Guse.

Bio Edit

Amy loves to play pranks, normally her victims being Doremi and Co. Amy's favorite mischief spot has to be school, when someone is absent and she has to take over their position instead, she'll volunteer but only to make them look stupid. She feels as if the teachers do not like her, even critisizing her drawings or work, then send her to the principal. Due to someone almost always being absent daily, this happens often.

Appearance Edit


Personality Edit

Amy often gets jealous of others, mainly towards Hana-chan who was picked over her because of her cute, friendly, gentle nature. But no matter how rude or bratty she can be, Amy is a huge lover of all animals. She will always come to their aid whenever they need help. She happens to adore panda the most too, and wishes to go to China someday to help all of the panda in need.

Witch Edit

Amy's witch outfit resembles Hana's very own, due to being a full blooded witch child. Her colors are white and gray. In order to be able to transform into Hana-chan, she must use her magic to cause pranks and mischief; which collects energy. Her biggest targets being, as said above, Doremi and her friends. Due to them being her biggest enemies, in her mind. A weakness to counter-balance this is love, however.

  • Transformation: Pretty Witchie Amy-chii!
  • Spell: Popmpom ro, pomroro!
  • Magical Stage: Pompom ro Suekarakani!

Her fairy, Cece, is like Amy somewhat. But tends to get annoyed since Amy always bosses her around. Despite her warnings, trying to tell her that her pretending to be Hana isn't going to get her anywhere. Mainly this is evidently true, as while Amy pretends to be Hana to raise problems elsewhere, Hana-chan was doing her exams. Amy noticeably missed many...

Her crystal ball is a gray panda shape head.