Candice is an apprentice witch trying to help transform the witch she found back into her former self. Her creator is RoxTrox7 from deviantart.

Bio Edit

Candice was an average girl until her fateful encounter with Majoraina. Because of her strong sense of responsibility, she became a witch apprentice in hopes of fixing everything. Currently, she is training with the other girls she has met, in order to become stronger apprentices and help Heaven, a witch girl who is the daughter of Majoraina.

Appearance Edit

Candice is a fair-tan skinned girl with bright orange colored eyes. She has long, flowing blonde hair with short bangs, curling at the top of her head, with the rest of it neatly brushed back.

Personality Edit

Candice is a smart and mostly mature girl. She is known for being taller than other girls her age and because of this, she tends to frighten others or they end up thinking she is a bully. However, she really isn't. She is seen as a mother or older sister to her friends and often does what she can to help them out.

Apprentice Witch Edit

As a witch apprentice, Candice happens to be pretty good with her magic and general skills. It didn't take her too long to gain her Crystal Ball, but before she could use to help Majoraina become a witch again, a curveball was thrown in her plans. So now she simply practices her magic from time to time and tries to get stronger in case she should ever get the chance to try it again.

Her fairy is Cici, who is the middle fairy of the group. She shares her partner's strong sense of duty and as a result, often takes on more than she can handle. She is very kind to the younger fairies and tries to keep Lolo and Veve from bullying them too much. She has blonde hair with two big curling outward bangs, while the rest of her hair is worn in ringlets. She wears a pale orange dress with a tan collar.

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