Here is a list of common or basic Categories. Be sure to include them on your pages so that people can find them better. But make sure to ONLY apply what counts to your character.


  • Females
  • Males
  • Witches
  • Wizards
  • Adults (18-up)
  • Children (12-below)
  • Teens (13-17)
  • Humans
  • Ojamajo (A witchling or witch-in-training)
  • Witch Frogs
  • Siblings (for characters with a brother or sister)
  • Babies
  • Yousei (Fairies/Faeries/Fairy characters)


Only make them for common/basic traits


  • Twin Tails (girls with two ponytails/pigtails)
  • Hime Cut (straightened hair with matching bangs and ear-covering forelocks)
  • Straight
  • Long
  • Short
  • Curly
  • Bob Cut (a short and smooth hairstyle)
  • Ponytail
  • Braids


Be sure to put in:

  • __ Eyes
  • __ Hair
  • ___ Highlights/Streaks


  • Tall
  • Short
  • Average
  • Pale
  • Tan

Theme ColorEdit

This one is easy, just make a category for the basic Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, White, Black, Grey.

Sub-colors should go under its basic color. For example

  • Magenta - Pink
  • Turqoise - Blue
  • Cyan - Blue or Green
  • Gold - Yellow


  • Wands
  • Transformation Trinkets
  • Accessories
  • Uniforms
  • Magic Spheres

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