Chikano Uta is a 9 year-old human girl from the Ojamajo Kira☆Kira fanseries, and is one its main characters.



Uta has short, blonde hair which flares at the back and green eyes. Portions at the top are tied into short, thin braids. Her everyday attire consists of a light pink and blue, checkered dress with matching suspendors, giving it the appearance of an overall-like dress. White stockings and black dress shoes.


Uta is a creative and hyperactive yet quite bold and blunt girl. Uta enjoys giving nicknames to people she considers nice or either her friends. Her most common nicknames known are: Kirachi (Kirakira) Kare-chan (Karen) Allirun (Ally) and Oto (Sumire), in addition she has for some strange reason has given herself her own nickname, ChiUta. Uta has a large fear of jellyfish, octopie and squid. She also loves playing card games. 

Apprentice WitchEdit


  • Spell: Palala Pala La La Palala!
  • Magical Stage: Palala La La Kirameki! (sparkle)
  • Fairy: Tata
  • Crystal Ball: Pink Circle