Chris Haramu

Birth Date October 15th
Theme Color Black
Favorite Food Sweets, Chinese, Dark Chocolate
Species Human
Ranking Ojamajo
Instrument Guitar

Christina 'Chris' Haramu is a witch apprentice often known as Black-chan, by friends and those who don't know her name just yet.


Born in America, Chris transferred to Japan at a young age due to her parents careers. Not too long after that an accident took them away from her, leaving her to be raised by the family butler, Thomas. With some help from him, she has managed to obtain her dream of being an Idol.

Although she is rather quiet and on the lonely side, Black-chan normally is seen with a friend, watching Mako, or paying less experienced witch apprentice a visit.


Chris has pale skin and grey eyes; one of which appears to be much lighter than the other. Her hair is very dark red and surpasses her chest with a spiked tuft of bangs and forelocks framing her face and covering her ears. Normally her hair is unadorned, but she enjoys wearing hair accessories. Her frame has developed early, but she is a little short and has a youthful appearance, causing her to look younger than she is.

As she loves gothic attire and cute things, Gothic-Lolita clothing is normally what Chris likes the most. She loves cosplay and striped or checked print, and designs featuring chains, skulls, or hearts. She usually wears cute frilly dresses and accents them with baby doll styled shoes and tights. Her attire is normally black, grey, or soft shades of pink.

When little Chris wore a pale pink ruffled dress with white accent, tights, and plain black Mary-Jane shoes.

Her bathing suit is a black bikini with a skull print and heart-shaped ornaments on each hip with a ribbon tied beneath them. For bed she normally puts on a night gown, and during winter Chris usually wears "heavier" variations of her normal attire, such as thick bell sleeves, long skirts, and boots.


While Chris appears dark and foreboding, she actually isn't. She is of the depressive and lonely nature, and has trouble dealing with social situations. When it comes to people she stresses out and can be anxious, and she struggles to remain positive or not have such a low opinion of herself. However, when people get to know her they see she's actually really nice, not cold as one might expect. Despite this, Chris does have a temper and is unable to tolerate people who seem judgemental or act mean or rude for no reason at all. She is also the type to choose revenge over reason until she can calm down. 

At times Chris can be cheeky and mischievous. She enjoys teasing others and is a little manipulative, even if she doesn't mean to be. She is never intentionally mean unless someone was to hurt her first. Secretly Chris also adores being fawned over and spoiled, and wouldn't necessarily frown upon being treated like a princess. However, she can get flustered when dealing with affection.

Apprentice WitchEdit

Due to her color theme being black, at times Chris is mistaken for an evil witch or apprentice. But at the same time she is also known for this color, due to it standing out against her physical form.

She was always a huge fan of magic and adored watching magicians or reading fairy-tales, but deep down felt as though magic would be the one thing to help her feel better over herself. So despite acting like she didn't care at first, she was deep down very happy.

Once a week she would visit the cemetery her parents had been put to rest when she saw a strange, white haired female with a Russian Blue cat. That was when she met Majorena, a young and inexperienced witch who was new to the area and got lost trying to locate her new home.

Chris is talented with casting magic, but at first was very terrible at flying due to her fear of heights and refusing to go higher than a few inches above the ground. After confessing this to a friend though, they helped her try to handle.

Her yousei is Cricri and she resembles her. She keeps to herself but is very shy and gentle.

Her crystall ball is a heart that appears to be split in two, to resemble a broken heart.


Chris was a lonely child growing up. Being from wealth her parents were too busy to give her much time- which was why she bonded to her butler instead


Mother: A headmistress of a boarding school and the reason the family was transferred to Japan when she was little. She had a tendency to force Chris into things she doesn't like or care for, and dreamt of her becoming the perfect woman of wealth that everyone admired. Deep down she realized Chris didn't like it, but feared her daughter wouldn't be happy unless she was successful.

Father: The boss of his profession, he was slightly greedy and wanted a son to take over his work for him. At first he struggled to bond with Chris because of this, but after moving he seemed to be doing much better.

Thomas: A kind elderly man who grew close with Chris due to her parents being so busy. He is very formal, but not overly strict.


  • On her left arm between the shoulder and elbow, Chris has a diamond-shaped birthmark.
  • Chris has a strange desire to know her blood-type, as she does not actually know it.
  • Chris has small reading glasses she can be found wearing at times.
  • Chris usually does not wear socks. However, she is fond of tights and stockings and owns several pairs.
  • She loves animals, but her favorites are cats, bats, and panda bears
  • While the normal apprentice uniform has white accenting, her uniforms are accent by grey.
  • She loves stuffed animals.
  • Chris despises onion, fish, and tomato.
  • She's terrified of insects.
  • Chris' favorite weather is rain or snow.
  • Although her theme is black, Chris actually really adores pink.


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