Hibiki Naisho
Hibiki Naisho (内心ひびき)

Birth Date 21th September
Theme Color Green
Species Human
Ranking Ojamajo
Instrument Bell lyre

Naisho Hibiki (内心ひびき) is an eleven year old girl from Hokkaido, Japan and moved to Misora due to her parents work.


Personality Edit

Hibiki is a smart girl who has a rough tounge, speaking before she thinks, and a person who is not afraid to make mistakes. She is confident and honest about her opinions. Her friendly aura makes her easy to approach by everyone.


Hibiki has green hair with some of it tied into twintails by two pink scrunchies and magenta eyes. She wears a pair of purple glasses.

Her casual outfits, is a purple blouse with a pink ribbon and a pink skirt. The one piece comes along with purple sneakers.

Her Ojamajo costume consists of...

Apprentice WitchEdit

In Hokkaido, she met Majo Echo whom she undergo training as a witch apprentice with. Her fairy is Kiki. As an Ojamajo, Hibiki can use magic.

  • Spell: Pika Pika Pikarin Jankenpon!
  • Magical Stage: Pika Pika Pikarin, Glittering!
  • Stone: Green video game console


  • Her spell is actually a pun to the game rock, paper, scissors.

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