Hope Summers

Birth Date May 13th
Theme Color Red
Species Human
Ranking Ojamajo

Hope is a nine year old apprentice witch born and raised in Kentucky. She is a clumsy girl currently in her sharp phase. Her creator is Bgaojamajo.

Bio Edit

Hope is a young girl with two friends named Monica and Tess. She is known for being a lot like Doremi at first, being clumsy and troublesome, but grows out of it with experience and time. Originally Hope was a girl who moved around a lot and because of this, she usually got excited very easy. But from struggling to make friends she soon grew out of this.

Appearance Edit

Hope is a light-tan skinned girl with bright teal colored eyes. Her hair is brown-gray in color, with somewhat neat, curled bangs framing the top of her face and oddly worn pigtails. Hopes wears a red dress-like shirt with yellow polka dots all over it with a single string like band going around her stomach and knee length jean pants/shorts.

During winter, she puts on a long sleeved version of this, with yellow mittens and pants. 

Personality Edit

Normally, Hope is a peacemaker at most times, but she can get very angry if others are mean. Due to this, her temper tends to get her into trouble. She isn't the best at school, but she isn't the worst either. She usually gets B and C grades, though sometimes D's.

Apprentice Witch Edit

A red witch apprentice who greatly struggled at first when it came to using magic and exams. She related to Doremi in this sense, but was able to grow through her troublesome phase while learning more and more magic.

Her yousei, GiGi is just like Hope and also very clumsy.

Family Edit

Mr. Summers: A business man who works long hours and due to this, he is very lazy at home. He never seems to care about what Hope is doing, like letting her stay up for as long as she wants, or let her avoid doing any shores.

Mrs. Summers: An overprotective housewife who expects Hope to folllow her rules. But because of her husband's lazy nature, she has become pretty strict.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being more edited from Doremi and Hana-chan, Hope's regular outfit seems reminiscent of Onpu's.

Gallery Edit