Kasumi Ishimoto is a character from Let's Go! Ojamajo Doremi! She is a teenage ojamajo. She is currently 16 years old and is the witch apprentice of Majorika. She is formerly the apprentice of Majolenka. She was called by Doremi and the others to help run the Maho Dou.

Bio Edit

Kasumi was the witch apprentice of Majolenka before she gave up. Several years later Majorika tells Doremi and the others about the skills she has to help run the store correctly. Her fairy Vava was put into a deep sleep to wait for her owner's return. She is determined to help the other ojamajos and the Witch World in any way she can, this time her goal is to become a full witch.

Appearance Edit

Kasumi has long brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a light purple shirt with short jeans.

Witch Apprentice Edit

As a former witch apprentice, Kasumi was taught the skills normal witch apprentices learn. She was not the best witch apprentice, as she gave up in the middle of her training. Majolenka did not acknowledge her leaving, but when Kasumi came back she was gone. Now she is a brown ojamajo witch apprentice of Majorika.

Friends Edit

Doremi Harukaze- Doremi and Kasumi are close friends. Mostly because of their similarities in personality, Doremi is a clumsy witch apprentice, but Kasumi is clumsy AND forgetful.

Hazuki Fujiwara- Kasumi and Hazuki and good friends. Kasumi thinks Hazuki is adorable( and the best witch apprentice, but she never tells anyone) and she will always stand up for her.

Aiko Senoo- Aiko and Kasumi are both athletic, though Kasumi can be really lazy. Kasumi tries to comfort Aiko when she sees that she is saddened.

Onpu Segwa- Kasumi thinks Onpu is a little too full of herself,but really enjoys her singing and talent ability.

Momoko Asuka- Momoko thinks of Kasumi as a role model. She shares the interest of English with her as well. Momoko often helps Kasumi with her high school assignments.

Vava- Kasumi feels bad about leaving her fairy when she gave up being a witch apprentice. She usually spoils Vava with chocolate or other things that she likes.

Hana Makihatayama- Kasumi acts like Hana is her little sister. She enjoys doing Hana's hair and playing with her. Though she thinks Hana is too childish.

Pop Harukaze- Kasumi has little interaction with Pop, but she does know her. She often sees her in the Maho Dou and says "Hi!"

Trivia Edit

  • In an English dub, her name would be Sarah Matthews.
  • Her middle name is Rin.

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