Description: Edit

Katakana (Kat) Kurami is a 10 year old Black Apprentice Witch who lives in _'s house with her little sister,Washi Kurami.

Both of them are orphans,and because their mentor is a Witch Frog,Kat usally does chores around the house(because she wants to),and both of them have to pretend that they're living with their 'grandmother' without raising any suspicion.

Personality: Edit

One way to descibe Kat is that she's very quiet. She usually keeps to herself,and likes to work behind the scenes whenever she uses her magic,either for helping someone or fighting. She's also very shy,and likes to work by herself,being very stubborn whenever people want to help her. Despite being very mature for her age,people see her mysterious (and sometimes ominous) behavior as intimidating,and like to keep away from her as much as they can,often driving away her chances for friends.

Despite this,Kat is a genuinely caring person,which mainly shows in her relationship with Washi,her little sister. She's very protective of her,and often tries to avoid conflicts that would both put her and Washi in danger. Kat also does chores around the house out of her own choice and likes to help other people,even if she doesn't do it as openly as other people would sometimes.

Kat is also very intelligent,and can surprisingly be laid back. Her favorite activity is sitting underneath the stars with her little sister and pointing out the constellations to her,often time watching her sleep after pointing out the last one.

When Kat's bored,she usually pulls out a random fairytale or legend book and reads it,as well as asking her mentor if she needs to do anymore chores.

Likes:the color black,the night,constellations,fairytales and legends,being useful

Dislikes:being useless,rain,snow,blizzards,having nothing to do,feeling useless

Appearance: Edit

Kat has black hair in a ponytail and blue eyes,along with pale skin and a stature that is the same as the other girls in canon. Her bangs are framed in the center of her head,and she's rarely ever seen with her hair down.

Kat's favorite choice of clothes is a black t-shirt with a white rose in the middle,a white mini-skirt with black pants,black socks,and black sneakers with white stripes.

When she's swimming,Kat wears a black one-piece swimsuit. For the winter,she wears a teal coat with a hood and matching mittens. For bed time,she wears a black nightgown with white trimming and stars.

As an Apprentice Witch: Edit