Kurimu Soeda is a young girl who lives near the forest. Her parents run a fishing shop.



Kurimu has a fair complexion with soft pink lemonade eyes and medium length red-magenta hair, mostly pulled back in a semi-messy bun. Her bangs mostly brush to one side with a thick forelock on the right and a thin, curled one on the right. The hair hanging loose flares up. She accents her hair with a white clip attached to an orange heart.

Kurimu's normal attire is feminine and soft with a cheery look. It consists of a pale orange dress lined with glittering cream material. She accepts this with white bracelets, an orange ribbon around her neck, and white sandals.


Bright and sunny, Kurimu has an "always cheery" type of personality. It's hard to ruffle her feathers or get her upset, unless someone upsets or hurts one of her friends. She also doesn't like having one's morals questioned- due to her kind and trusting behavior.

Deep inside, she is actually very bashful and a bit shy. But she is also responsible and puts a lot of time helping her parents out.

Apprentice WitchEdit

Kurimu is an orange witch apprentice with very soft colors. She is generally average with broom flying and spell casting.

At first, Kurimu never gave magic any thought. She spent her time fishing with her parents or aiding at the shop when she wasn't at school. However, due to her love of photography, she often used the weekends to head out into the nearby forest to take pictures. One day while doing this, she happened to spy a witch new to Human World. She didn't realize this person was a witch until she lent her a hand with directions, and having felt remorse for what happened, she offered to make it up to her and led her to her new shop. Which ended up being near the fishing shop.

Kurimu's fairy is Riri. She is peach in color with her hair styled after Kurimu's ponytail and bangs. She is energetic and bright.

Her crystal ball is shaped like a glass and colored soft orange.


  • Having been raised on fish, she doesn't actually like any other type of meat.
  • Milk makes her sick.