"Let's cook up some sweet magic~!"

Majo Chocola is a young patisserie who runs a sweets house within the Witch World.


Growing up, Chocola dreamed of some day taking ownership of her families sweet shop that specialized in bringing human-based goods that weren't popular at the time to the witch world.

However, being the youngest of three sisters things were bleak, and after an incident with the humans occurred- the business had severely slowed down and they were forced to close up shop. But unwilling to let her dream die, she saved up her magic spheres since childhood and reopened it.


Chocola has fair skin and tea-rose eyes. Her long, choppy chocolate hair is worn in thin twin-tails with tiny curls on the tips to match her forelocks. Her bangs have a soft fringe and are brushed to the right of her forehead, and hanging from her pigtails are several sections of loose hair. On top of her head, she has two pudding-like odango buns, one worn with a powder blue ruffled piece that has peppermint attached to it, while the other is pale pink with cookies attached. She also wears a large strawberry hair clip. 

Chocola can normally be found in her tea-rose uniform inspired by the patisserie dress and maid uniform. It has a white apron at the skirt with caramel lining to match her choker and corset-style ribbons sewn to the chest. She also wears white stockings with mary-jane shoes and a pair of white gloves with black ribbons on the wrist.

For bed or the beach, Chocola normally braids her twin-tails. She also has a tendency to put covers over her pudding-like buns for various occasions.


A perky and bright witch who enjoys helping others and tries to cheer them up. She is friendly and courteous- but like any other witch she may ask for a price when dealing with an Apprentice Witch in the form of an ingredient she might need. At times she can be air-headed and is easily distracted with a chat or if she sees something inspiring, and some deem her to be eccentric and oblivious. Like a handful of witches she has no problem with humans, nor the wizards. She is very kind and sweet, although she does enjoy teasing older, vain witches.


As a full-blooded witch, Chocola did fairly well with her exams and casting magic and uses her magic sphere, a pink strawberry to cast spells. During her free time she enjoys going on broom rides, and her spells normally include desserts and baked goods in some shape or form. Such as:

  • Summoning a wall of cupcakes or muffins for protection.
  • Forming a giant pudding to stop someone or provide a soft landing.
  • Using sticky items like syrup, liquid candy, taffy, gum as rope.
  • Building objects with stack-able things like sugar cubes or graham crackers.
  • Summoning gummy bears and gingerbread men for assistance.

Chocola's Yousei is Colala. She shares her tea-rose color scheme and has short, ringlet twin-tails held by small bowl-shaped clips. Colala is shown to be helpful and sweet like her owner, but she treats herself hardly if she should make a mistake and stresses out over Chocola's sometimes carelessness.


Chocola's inspiration to become a Pattisier came after meeting a young wizard back when she was little. He ran a crepe shop in the human world but often paid her parents a visit and quickly a spell had been cast. Through him, she learned many things and eventually after showing her parents how well she could do, they started to let her help out. 

As Chocola was the youngest out of her siblings she did not like knowing she would be receiving the shop last, and had become heartbroken once they realized they had no choice but to sell it and leave during the human and wizard territory drama. Her parents fled for the human world, but Chocola and her sisters remained in order to continue their studies.

Years later, with enough Magic Spheres saved since childhood, Chocola found the shop and reopened it.


Vanil: Chocola's mother, a beautiful with with long white hair and pale indigo eyes. An aspiring picture book author as a teenager until she met a wizard studying to become a chef in the human world who had been raised to value all three of the species and dreamt of someday helping them unite again. She put her career aside to help him focus on his own and currenly lives in the human world, where they work together in their brand new, magical-themed cafe.

Coffre: A knight in shining armor among the wizards, Coffre has passed on his looks to Chocola. After saving Vanil from a wild plant using his homemade recipes, they grew closer and he eventually revealed his true passion of cooking. He ran their original shop until forced to fled to the human world, where he resumed work in their cafe as the chef.

Mint: The eldest sister of the family with white hair tinted pale green hair and green tea eyes, usually donning gold and white floral gowns. Mint is a botanist and owns a floral boutique with their youngest sister Purrin. A romantic girl often daydreaming- her biggest dream being a damsel in distress and being saved by a handsome Prince like their mother. She often crushes on a new person on a monthly, if not weekly basis. Despite this, she is serious in her studies of medicinal plants and flowers.

Chiffon: Chocola's twin sister, with the only different being that her hair is white and worn in curled twin-tails held by cupcake accessories. Chiffon works with her and usually dons a white and sky blue variant of her sisters uniform. She enjoys painting and tea fortune telling.

Purrin: The youngest daughter of the family who resembles a human child of eight years old. She shares her physical appearance with their mother, much like Chiffon and Mint. She wears violet outfits and is a bit of a tomboy who would rather be out having fun than studying flowers or baking like her sisters. She is clumsy but very open and cuddly. She struggles casting magic but is a natural at flying and physical things.


  • She is 150 years old.
  • It is unknown if her "pudding buns" are hair or real pudding, as they are shown to behave like a bowl of pudding and she has been found eating from them before. It is considered one of the mysteries of the witch world.
  • As a baby her first spell was making a tray of gingerbread men dance.
  • Despite her sweets addiction, Chocola often sneaks vegetables into her recipes to try to make them healthier.