Like any other fan you probably thought to yourself, "I love this series! I wanna interact with the other fans, maybe a roleplay, oh! What if I was a cute ojamajo/I need a cute character to use!"

Well, if you're stuck with no solutions or have never made a character before, this is the right page for you!

On this page you can find various tips and tricks to create an Ojamajo perfect for you.

The TemplateEdit



Everything has a name. The object makes the name- the name makes the object. Every ojamajo has to have a name!

Skirting on Mary-Sue territory, some people like to come up with huge, amazingly creative names. For example, Rose Luna Midnight.

What part of this name is practical? None of it. It sounds like a title for a perfume or background music.

Rather than try to show-off and create an unrealstic name, try to break down the words to create a simple one. Like Luna Rose, or Rose Midnight. Not only does this just the creative juices flowing, but it can be fun!

A lot of people like to come up with meaningful names, if you struggle try to think of things that relate to the character. A pale beauty from Iceland could have a name associating with white, or snow. Or if she happens to be british or from england, pick something that sounds classy. Her parents run a fruit stand? then try to go for something that fits the foods, like Plum or Berry, or go with Japanese names such as Ichigo or Ringo.

You can even make up your own name, or learn to spell the same name differently. Hana-chan is already a character, but there could be a Hannah, or Hanon.


A short one to handle. It's used normally in this series to see which season the girl may be a part of. In Season one, the girls were 8, and by the time the series finished they were 11 or 12.

Of course, age does not always apply. A girl could be ten or eleven and just be starting out as a first series apprentice.

Birth dateEdit

Birth dates are another important aspect to a profile. They may not provide much importance but they add more to the character.


Most apprentice witch or witches own one. Not all, but most. It's important to think over this equally as much as you would the character herself. Remember, the yousei can resemble her owner- or be her polar opposite.

Here is an example of a nice detailed Yousei:

Bonbon is Ribbon's fairy. She has rose-colored eyes and her hair is shaped in heart odango. Her color scheme is soft pink to match Ribbon's brighter shade. She is normally thoughtful of others but has a temper. 

Now an example of one who hasn't been given much effort:

BonBon is a lot like Dodo. She's pink with heart-shaped odango. Normally sweet but has a temper.

Color SchemeEdit


Yellow, Blue, Green- so many to choose!

This is a majorly important detail to most characters.

Keep in mind that all Apprentice have one primary color. It is common for Mary-sue based characters to have either more than three colors, or be given a rainbow theme.

When deciding a color, try to pick one that fits her. Some people are tempted to use black because its more unique or makes there character stick out- bu try not to use it unless you really think it fits her. You would not give black to someone known for being bright and lively. Here are some personality types and the colors they match with if you feel stuck:

  • Red/Warm Colors - Bold, passionate, hot-blooded
  • 'Yellow/V'ibrant Colors - Energetic and perky, bright!
  • Pastels/Soft Colors - Shy and gentle
  • Pink - Sweet and kind hearted, flirty or friendly
  • Darker Colors/Grey/Blue - Sad and lonely, maybe depressive or just cold and antisocial.
  • Black - Mysterious, antisocial, cool-headed, different
  • White - Innocent and normally feminine/delicate/passive. Or on the opposite spectrum, they could be evil.

It's also important to keep in mind that reusing colors isn't help-able. But what you can do is go for a different shade of a color. Like what if you wanted to use blue or green, but you see so many of that you feel discouraged? Try to use teal or cyan!

Crystal BallEdit

Something simple to discuss. An ojamajo should have something fitting of her. A white-themed mature girl may have a snowflake or snowman, while a crimson passionate type may have a flame. If you feel the shape is boring, try to work it a bit so it looks more unique. Like maybe instead of just a crescent moon, perhaps your character has a crescent moon with a diamond connecting the tips, or instead of a full heart, maybe its a line shaped like a heart.

Here is a list of common used shapes:

  • Heart
  • Star
  • Flower
  • Music Note


To get her second wand, an ojamajo has a personal instrument she can play. Contrary to the usual belief, singing or a voice cannot be an instrument. Some may claim it to be, and in its own way it is- but you need a physical item to make the new wand.

Magic SpellsEdit

These can be a bit tricky to think up; don't feel bad if you struggle. The spells are basic but can be difficult at the same time.

  • Transformation speech: "Pretty Witch/witchi __-chi".
  • Magic casting saying: A cute semi-repetitive phrase. You can see examples by viewing other character pages or the ojamajo pages on the official wiki.
  • Magical stage casting: Shorter, modified version of the above with a Japanese word added on the end, that ends with a ly. Such as Magically, Wonderfully, etc.

Physical AppearanceEdit


This is another field to easily slip into the mary-sue factor. You wanna be descriptive but avoid overdoing it or making her sound like perfection reincarnated.

No - She has tan skin and pink eyes. Her hair is blue.

Yes - Mimi has lowly worn, sky blue twin-tails that curl on end and held with floral clips. Her tanned skin accents her pink eyes.

Again, being too descriptive can be a bad thing. For example:

No - Helena's hair is as soft as wool, very long and curled on the edge like a gentle ruffle of a beautiful dress. Her hair is golden like the morning sun, while her large eyes are said to resemble amethyst. Her creamy skin is as soft as fine silk.  

Yes - Helena has long, soft golden hair with a ruffled fringe to match her bangs and forelocks. Her wide, purple eyes stick out in comparison to her hair and fair skin.


Same as above. Be descriptive but dont overdo it. If you're stuck just look at other character outfits, or try to think of a way to modify the outfits worn by the girls.

For example, Onpu wears a dress reminiscent of a shirt or tunic with leggings and sneakers. You could turn the dress into a blouse with a skirt, or remove the leggings and give her a bolero and a pair of sandals. 

Personal infoEdit


Likes: Just list things she likes. Colors, weather, an animal, anything at all.

Dislikes: List what she hates

Favorite foods: Everyone has them.

Least favorite foods: Same as above.


A girl needs personality. But this is the biggest problem, right there. Mary-sues often have the 'perfect' personality. Or people copy the character they color-over. For example, Onpu recolors that aren't very well thought out tend to say "She's a beautiful singer who everyone loves. Onpu is jealous of her and everyone loves her."

Not only is that ruining an already established character, but it gives your character no room for growth.

Instead try to go in another direction, give her something to work on, like this:

She admires Onpu and wishes to become an Idol like her. She is anxious when brought to the stage however, and deep down is a little envious of Onpu.

People like realistic characters, don't trash an official character just to make yours seem better. Even if your character relates to Onpu, it doesn't mean she has to like singing or acting. She could be a tomboyish type, or very immature and clumsy.


Her history, not her heratige. Another problem. Too many people are making American Ojamajo with Japenese backgrounds and what not. An ojamajo can move somewhere else of course, like Momoko. But make sure to provide an actual reason as to why this move occured.

Or some people may be chinese, but have been born in America, it happens, work with it.

Final notesEdit

Now that you read this you are ready to make your own Fan Character!