Mako Nekomimi is a witch often kept under watch, due to her youthful age and concern she can't be trusted on her own in the human world.



Mako is pale skinned with large ruby eyes. She has thick, dull moss-colored hair that curls up on end. Her bangs are short, with a few locks longer at the corner and forelocks slightly covering her ears. She has a cowlick that always sticks up. Mako wears a custom witch uniform with a pair of pink cat shaped earrings.

As a baby, Mako's hair was much shorter and she had three curled strands of hair that stuck out. She wore a lilac dress with pink cat ears and tail to match the pink cat legs and paws sewn to it.


Cutesy-type of girl with a lot of energy and a mischievous-nature. While she is the type to act her age for most part, she can be pretty childish and highly stubborn; ranging from refusal to disguise herself to eating vegetables to doing actual work. When worse comes to worse, she tends to exaggerate and can even be a bit eccentric. If she gets too flustered or upset she has a tendency to make herself invisible.

Generally Mako does mean well though, and if she sees unhappiness or pain with others she will try to fix it. She is highly curious about everything and can be nosy from time to time, and as someone who wants to experience everything new to herself, comes off as a bit adventurous or reckless. She also seems to like pranking others now and then.

Cheeky and clueless about most things, she lives every day to the fullest and is very carefree. Even if she can be fussy every now and then.


Mako is pretty inexperienced as a young, full-blooded witch. She messes up frequently- which worsens if she is flustered or upset. She has also learned how to turn herself invisible and may do this when really fussy.

Her yousei is Maomao, who appears somewhat more mature than her childish partner, but is rather shy. She resembles a dull grey-green American short hair cat when transformed. 

Mako's crystal ball is is a pink cat head with a tail attached to it, reminiscent of her earrings.


Mako was born to a loving couple, Raine and Joseph. After they fell in love Raine had almost gotten herself caught using Magic and it was in this time that they had Mako. As a result she quit using magic unless it was an emergency.

Short after her birth Mako had been left in the care of the Witch Daycare staff until a bit later when she was given to Ojamajo Black to watch over.

While learning more magic and of the humans Mako spends her time trying to search for her missing parents.


Raine: A kind witch who studies humans and often paid them visits whenever she could.

Josesph: A charming wizard born a human than ran a library within the Wizard World.


  • Mako's first spell involved making a cat-shaped block tower.
  • Mako has a cat stuffed animal that she treats as thought it was a real living creature.
  • Mako's surname was a last-second thought during her introduction to her human classmates.
  • Mako's cowlick often changes to reflect her mood.
  • With those she likes, Mako will nuzzle and purr near them.
  • By coincidence, Mako physically resembles another girl by the name of Mako from ~Da Capo~.