Masaki Adachi is one of the characters from Let's Go! Ojamajo Doremi! He is Hana-chan's classmate along with Doremi and Momoko. He has a close relationship with Hana-chan, but he is unaware that she has a major crush on him. He is a gentleman, who is usually found with Kotake or Yada, though he is nice to almost everyone. He can be shy and bashful sometimes.


Bio Edit

Masaki is an 11 year old boy who enjoys having fun and being with his friends. He is very adventurous and loves the outdoors. He can be clever, as he assumes Hana-chan acts "mysterious" when she is around him and usually guiding the other boys around as a leader. The other boys in the class are very jealous of him because of how girls act towards him and how he is smarter than the rest. Even though he only thinks of him and Hana as "just friends", he blushes when someone teases him about them or when Hana is trying to make a move on him and he notices it.

Appearance Edit

Masaki is a fair skinned boy with light-yellow eyes(which Hana-chan finds very attractive). He has dark purple hair with long parted bangs. He wears a red shirt with a lightning bolt logo on it with grey pants.

Relationships Edit

Doremi - Masaki is good friends with Doremi. Doremi is one of the people that tease him about being with Hana all the time, which he finds quite annoying. She thinks that it's great Hana is in love, but she usually tells her not to screw it up, much like she does herself all the time.

Momoko - Besides Hana, Momoko is the one he's with the most. He trusts Momoko and wants her to always keep Hana-chan in check. Hana usually gets jealous because she thinks he is developing a crush on Momo.

Hana-chan- Masaki considers Hana to be his best friend. He usually brushes off any feelings that are more than that. He calls Hana "mysterious and weird", much to her dismay. He helps her with her schoolwork often. Hana usually gets so tied up in admiring him, that she forgets what she's doing. Hana-chan thinks about telling him her secret about being a witch apprentice, but she reminds herself that she can't. She's tried to chase him numerous times, but Doremi and the others usually stop her. She tried to kiss him too, but something else usually happens to prevent that. She uses magic on him often, like putting him in her outfit, just to laugh.

Onpu- Masaki admires Onpu, and they get along well. Onpu also tells him to take care of Hana, which usually embarrasses him.

Kasumi- Masaki is close to Kasumi also, but she is another person that teases him.Hana also gets embarrassed when Kasumi does this

Trivia Edit

In the the English Dub, his name would be Chris Starr.

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Masaki in Hana's outfit