Mihiru Chiiho
Mihiru Chiko

Birth Date May 19th
Theme Color White
Favorite Food Dango, Pineapple, Curry
Species Human
Ranking Ojamajo
Instrument Clarinet

Mihiru Chiiho is a young child model and witch apprentice.



Mihiru has fair skin and large, feminine lilac eyes. Her long, light brown hair is worn in thin twin-tails with two thick spheres near the bottom to match her puffed forelocks. Her bangs are brushed to the side. Normally, Mihiru wears small amounts of makeup.

Her normal attire consists of a sky-blue beaded necklace to match her hair pieces and bracelets, along with a white dress-like camisole with a hot pink bow sewn to the center, worn beneath a pale pink bolero. Included are white heels and pale pink tights. 


Mihiru is a repressed and unhappy young girl. Outwardly she normally comes off as a spoiled brat with a brash nature, and has no problem feigning kindness with those she dislikes. However, she uses this to avoid confrontation with others out of a desire to keep her own problems or disappointments from getting the better of her. She feels she must be a perfect young woman to make things better, but when unhappy or frustrated she is quick to break out into a tempermental fit. 

When it seems people may be breaking through her shell, Mihuru tends to get flustered and fussy.

Apprentice WitchEdit

At first Mihiru was actually afraid of witches from the stories she read when she was little. She hated them with a passion and didn't believe them to be real until meeting the friendly Majorima. At first Mihiru didn't care much for her, and plotted to expose the witches after discovering more. However, she had a change of heart after getting hurt and Rima helped her.

Mihiru is a witch witch apprentice. The white on a normal uniform is now pale pastel pink and lilac. Her yousei, Huhu is white themed with short pigtails styled like two bubbles attached to each other, held with a single large pearl on each side of the head. Huhu is a lot like Mihiru, being generally good in nature but outwardly spoiled and bratty.

Mihuru's crystal ball is a white sphere with two smaller spheres within it, giving it the appearance of a bubble.


Ann - Mihuru's mother. Growing up she dreamed of becoming a model but was unable to, due to being very weak. She is often bedridden as a result, and spends her day designing outfits and accessories for her daughters.

Mirai - Mihiru's little sister by three years. She is very open and naive, having been sheltered since she was born. She seems to be air-headed or innocently insensitive, but she has been able to come to terms with their father leaving, compared to Mihiru, and implies a mature side. 


  • Mihiru hates pickles or anything like them.
  • Mihiru can't tolerate little children because they yank on her pigtails and believe her to be a rabbit.


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