Mihiru Chiiho is a young child model and witch apprentice.



Mihiru has fair skin and large, feminine lilac eyes. Her long, light brown hair is worn in thin twin-tails with two thick spheres near the bottom to match her forelocks. Her bangs are brushed to the side. Normally, Mihiru wears small amounts of makeup and often paints her nails.

She wears a white dress with a hot pink bow sewn to the middle, often beneath a pale pink bolero or cardigan and pairs it with white heels. On her neck is a sky blue pearl choker to match her hair accessories and bracelets. 


Mihiru is a repressed and unhappy young girl with a spoiled and brash personality when interacting with others. Her haughty attitude usually causes people to react negatively and she has a tendency to fake kindness around the ones she truly dislikes. However, this is a coping mechanism as a way of keeping people from getting too close and distracting her out of concern they would get in her way of achieving her true goals. She desires to be the perfect young woman- although she can be temperamental and childish when pushed enough.

In reality, Mihiru is actually kind and nurturing. But when someone first breaks through her shell she becomes flustered and fussy. While she would like to show her kinder side towards others, she isn't sure how to do this.

Apprentice WitchEdit

Mihiru hated witches with a passion after being afraid of them since childhood. Hearing of how mean, bitter, and ugly they could be caused her to refuse belief in magic until she met the friendly Majorima- who she didn't know was a witch at first and gave her the cold shoulder she gave others. Initially she planned on revealing the secret after finding out though; until Rima helped her one day despite her mean attitude, allowing her to see that not all witches are like the ones she read about.

Mihiru is a white apprentice with lavender accounts. Her yousei, Huhu has puffy pigtails to match hers and is white in color. She has pearls on each side of her head. Huhu is a lot like Mihiru and is generally good but likely to cover it behind the same haughty attitude. Although she is shown to be a lot kinder to Mihiru. 

Mihuru's crystal ball is a white sphere with two smaller spheres within it, giving it the appearance of a bubble.


Ann - Mihuru's mother who dreamed of becoming a model. But due to having a physically weakened body, she was bedridden and unable to follow her aspirations. However, she works as a seamstress who designs outfits and accessories and gives her daughters support and encouragement. She genuinely believes Mihiru isn't as cold as she acts.

Mirai - Younger than Mihiru by three years. She is very open and naive due to her sheltered lifestyle as she is on the sickly side. She is implied to have a mature mentality though and despite how Mihiru sometimes treats her, she admires her elegant sister and has a bond with her.


  • Mihiru hates pickled foods.
  • Mihiru can't tolerate little children because they yank on her pigtails and often mistake her for a rabbit.