Nina Murphy is a young ojamajo, she is currently ten years old and a new student to Misora Elementary.

A girl who tries her best to make friends, Nina has trouble as she has a sarcastic tone. Nina also seems like an average, every day girl. But in reality she has a deep secret that she wishes for others not to find out... Nina is made by Invader-Doremi.

Bio Edit

Appearance Edit

Nina is a young ten year old girl, as stated. Her skin tone is just lightly tanned/different then normal light skin coloring. She has bright gray eyes and dirty blond colored hair. She normally keeps her bangs out of her face, curling around to frame her face. Though she also sometimes with have a few bangs over one of her eyes. Her shoulder is shoulder length with spiked edging.

As her color is Aqua, Nina is usually dressed head-to-toe in blue colors. Her most current outfit is a blue Tee-shirt over a slightly bigger, longer sleeved light blue shirt, jean-like shorts, and gray tennis shoes with rolled down socks.

Personality Edit

As stated, due to her sarcastic tone of voice. Nina has problems when it comes to making friends and getting along with others. She isn't mean, but its very hard to tell when she's only joking. She also speaks her mind and can be bluntly honest when telling people things.

Nina can also see ghost/is a medium. A fact she keeps secret, barely anybody else knows. She hates this though, as the ghost are usually following her while trying to catch her attention. Nina is never ever scared. Though secretly she has one fear: Spiders.

Apprentice Witch Edit

Nina is an aqua colored witch apprentice who wasn't too shabby at apprentice skills. However, her skills of working with other ojamajo is a bit troublesome, due to her honesty and speaking so openly. As stated previously.

Her instrument used to make her pollon/porron was the drums.

  • Transform: Pretty witchy Nina chi!
  • Spell: Puni pupponi lada pera pera pun!

Nina's fairy is Naini. She resembles Nina, much like most yousei and is pale blue in color with very light blond hair that curls up on the edges. She is usually seen smiling or in a good mood.

Trivia Edit

  • Nina is one of the few rare Ojamajo with gray eyes. The other being Black-chan, whose left eye is the same as Nina's.

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