Noelle is a witch apprentice and friend of Chris. She was adopted into a family of three older triplet brothers and became a witch apprentice sometime after her.


Noelle met Chris one day after they had gone out to explore and incidentally came across the Wizard territory in the Witch World. Despite clashing personalities, Chris and Noelle get along for most part and care about each other; although they bicker often.


Noelle has pale brown skin and bright caramel eyes behind a pair of glasses. She has short, slightly flared hair that reaches her shoulders with matching bangs. Noelle is somewhat of a tomboy and loves the colors yellow and purple. She isn't feminine in appearance, but enjoys a chance trying on girly, flowery outfits.


Genuinely Noelle is friendly and helpful- to the point that she has a tendency to force herself on others to try to get them to like her; but only because she enjoys affection and has plenty to give out. She is comparable to a dog; being playful and loving. She has tried to befriend Tamaki, and enjoys the company of Hazuki if she isn't with Chris. She is also highly studious and does very well in school. 

However, Noelle has a tendency to overwork herself or worry over silly things. She also isn't very formal or polite, and has a foul temper and is not soft-spoken in the least. She does care about others opinions but tends to be oblivious. She is also stubborn and highly clumsy to a fault.

Apprentice WitchEdit

Noelle was originally a purple witch apprentice who eventually gained a yellow uniform after realizing she really liked the color. Noelle came an apprentice not too long after Chris, and while she has average witch skills, she is extremely clumsy and has a tendency to make mistakes. She loves to fly around on her broom though. Her crystal ball is a sunflower.

Her yousei is Nono, a pale gold fairy with soft orange eyes and hair. She is full to the brim with energy and has a tendency to cuddle with other fairies.


  • Noelle actually has a crush on both Fujio and Leon from Flat4. She also teases Chris by claiming she has a crush on Toru and/or Akatsuki, although neither have been proven.
    • She is also suspicious that Chris has feelings for her brothers; although she doesn't know which one since she sees her with all three at different times.
  • Like Chris, she is often sick.
  • She likes modern, funky dances. Although she is horrible at elegant, refined dance styles.