Welcome To The Witch World!

This wiki is dedicated to Fanon of the series "Ojamajo Doremi".

Have a wonderful time as you explore this brand new, magical realm! You can make something or just show-off a character you think deserves to be known. But don't claim them as your own if they're not, and remember to avoid breaking any Forbidden Rules and to contact an Admin if you're in need of assistance. 

Currently looking for those with design talents to spruce up the wiki!

Rules for New Ojamajo

If you do not follow them expect to pay a visit to the Witch Queen! 

  • Take care not to upload any adult content or use foul language. This wikia is for any age.
  • Use your best grammar
  • No flaming/spamming/harassement towards members or their creations. Only Creative-Critisism is allowed here.
  • This wiki is only for fanon content, please take anything official to the Ojamajo Doremi/Magical Doremi wiki.  
  • Make sure to properly categorise your pages so that they can be found easier, more on the topic can be found here.
  • Please don't plagarize someone else's work.
  • Be sure to list your Characters in the Apropriate sections
Tips and Tricks

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