Pummi is a witch born to represent Halloween. Her exact age is unknown, but every Halloween she leaves to walk around in the Human World.



Pummi has medium-length orange hair pulled up into choppy pigtails with a strand left loose at the bottom of her head dyed green. Her forelocks have tiny curls on end and loosely frame her face, while her thick puffy bangs curve outward on end. She has a pumpkin clip on each side of the head with alternate expressions, and she wears a beret resembling a pumpkin lid. Her large, soft gold eyes have a single lash and she has a candy tattoo on her left cheek. She also has two small wings, one orange, one black, and a noticeable fang.

Pummi wears an orange bikini top with a pair of white pumpkin pants with a print of pumpkin and small orange and green dots. Along with a green choker, black and orange ribbon on each ankle with an alternate pattern, and white gloves.


Pummi is playful and full to the brim with energy; probably from all the sweets she eats. While kind, she happens to love pulling pranks and can be a little childish or inconsiderate of others feelings. To older witches, she is seen as troublesome and rude, but to younger people, she is seen as fun to be around. She is cheeky but easy to please.

As one of Halloween, Pummi has a soft spot for ghost stories and likes to scare others; but she genuinely doesn't try to upset people.


Pummi is the strongest during October. She knows basic skills and uses a green crystal ball shaped like a wrapped candy. Her magic color is orange and black, and she uses a pair of maracas made from hard candy. When it comes to magic Pummi normally does well- but compared to her sisters she is more into trying to do things with her hands, the human way. Her spells have a tendency to backfire on her due to being somewhat clumsy, and it's not uncommon for her to make bad situations even worse.

Her yousei is Lolo, a pale orange fairy with her gold eyes and hair worn in odango with a few loose curls. She is troublesome and clumsy much like her owner.


Haato: The eldest of the four sisters, representing Valentines Day. She is responsible and mature, but her passionate personality makes her fairly emotional. She has a tendency to sugar-coat things and can be a little spoiled at times, but she is naturally kind and sweet. Acts like a typical older sister with her siblings.

Eas: The second oldest, representing Easter. A pure-minded and innocent type whose airy and easy-going nature usually calms others. She is a natural with children and very polite.

Caris: shares the title of the youngest sister with Pummi, being born in the same year and representing Christmas. She is a bit cold in nature towards those she doesn't know at first, but has a very big and warm heart reserved for those she does. She is stern with others.