Theme Color Orange
Favorite Food Caramel Apples, Roasted Chestnuts, Cooked Pumpkin or Squash
Species Witch
Instrument Candy Maracas

Pummi is a witch born to represent Halloween. Her exact age is unknown, but every halloween she leaves to walk around in the Human World.



Pummi has medium-lengt, pale orange hair pulled into choppy pigtails. Tiny curls line the forelocks of hair covering her ears, while her bangs are in one thick, curving section. A section of green hair sticks out from the bottom of her head. On each pigtail rests a small pumpkin, while on top of her head is the "lid" of a pumpkin to resemble a hat. She has large soft gold eyes; one of which has a candy-shaped tattoo beneath it. She also has two small wings, one orange, one black, and a noticeable fang.

Pummi wears an orange bikini top with a pair of white pumpkin pants with a print of pumpkin and small orange and green dots. Along with a green choker, black and orange ribbon on each ankle with an alternate pattern, and white gloves.


Pummi is playful and full to the brim with energy; probably from all the sweets she eats. While kind, she happens to love pulling pranks and can be a little childish or inconsiderate of others feelings. To older witches she is seen as troublesome and rude, but to younger people she is seen as cute or fun to be around.

As one of Halloween, Pummi has a soft spot for ghost stories and likes to scare others; but she genuinely never does it out of spite.


Pummi is the strongest during October. She knows basic skills and uses a green crystal ball shaped like a wrapped candy. When it comes to magic Pummi normally does well- but compared to her sisters she is more into trying to do things with her hands, the human way. Her spells have a tendency to backfire on her due to being somewhat clumsy, and its not uncommon for her to make bad situations even worse.

Her magic color is orange, but her spells tend to appear orange and black. Her instrument is a pair of translucent, candy-like maracas.

Her yousei is Halow, a pale orange little fairy that wears a pale green dress and bright gold eyes. Her hair is worn in odango with a few loose strands sticking out of them. She is a lot like Pummi. 


Haato: The eldest of the four sisters, represents Valentines Day. Normally responsible and mature, but is very sweet and passionate. She can be emotional at times and thinks like a romance story. Acts like a typical older sister-type with her siblings.

Eas: The second oldest, representing Easter. She is pure and innocent, and as such is a natural with young children. She is formal and polite, but air-headed and a bit too relaxed and reserved for some. Despite being older, she looks up to Pummi.

Caris: the youngest of the sisters and represents Christmas. She is a bit cold in nature towards those she doesn't know at first, but has a very big and warm heart reserved for those she does. She is stern with Pummi.


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