Rin Shirogane is a robotic girl created for a witch, and witch apprentice in disguise.



Rin has very fair skin plating and large, blank soft pink eyes. Her long, light grey hair is made of synthetic fibers and can be styled several ways. The most normal way she wears it is loose, with a split so far down the center to separate the two sides. Her forelocks are curled and fluffy to match her thick bangs.


As an artificial being, Rin is very emotionless. Not to the point of appearing cold or rude towards others, but in fact, completely innocent and naive. She is curious and wishes to learn whatever she can, and is always up for trying something new if it means getting a new experience from it. While she doesn't entirely understand friendship or emotions, she does try to make friends.

As she isn't required to do what most humans are, Rin normally feels a bit left out. But she puts this spare time to good use, usually by lending a hand to someone else or doing her own work.

Apprentice WitchEdit

After her creation it was decided that to help masquerade that she isn't a real human, Rin would be made to look like a witch apprentice. As such, she has a custom uniform, wand, and so on. She has learned to use magic exeedingly well- but struggles to fly higher than a few inches from the ground due to her somewhat heavy body and needing a stronger broom to hold her.

Rin is a silver apprentice with her own yousei, AnAn. Unlike Rin she is not robotic, but she is naturally distant with others and cool in temper; causing others to mistake her for one.

Her crystal ball is a silver cog.  


Majoran: Her "mother", who she had been built for. A lonely witch with no family of her own who struggled to gain friendships. She is very kind towards Rin, but often worries over her and babies her a bit.


  • While she doesn't need to eat, she enjoys trying new foods anyway and often records her opinions on them.