Rin Takahashi is an actor and young witch apprentice.


Rin was kidnapped from the human world by a lonely witch, Majo Sonya. She was raised there and became a witch apprentice. After locating a portal leading to the human world, the Queen revealed what it was and gave her a mission to go undercover there. In this time she met the Ojamajo.


Rin has fair skin and large green eyes. Her bright green hair is chest length. Her attire is a simple white shirt with a dark green collar, denim pants, and sneakers.


Rin normally keeps to herself and does not enjoy talking personally. She has only opened up towards her magical pet she found when she was little, and FeeFee, her fairy. She tries to portray a mature personality, and as such doesn't like to show weakness in any shape or form.

However, she is also dedicated towards her interests and friends. She can't tolerate liars or those who try to take advantage of others.

Apprentice WitchEdit

Rin had her first true experience as a witch after the evil wizard Cardinal put her under a spell to make her cause trouble. Doremi and the others used Magical Stage to save her and in this time, Rin worked as an Apprentice to strengthen herself and team up with them.

Rin is a Green apprentice and uses her Popipo Patraine powers to lend the others a hand. Her fairy is FeeFee.


Her family in the human world ran a restaurant with good business. Her sister was a violinist, her brother, an artist all while the parents left the shop.


  • While Rin is green in theme, her favorite color is Yellow.
  • Her magical pet is named Jewelie. 
  • She has a crush on a wizard at school.
  • She can't stand Majorika, but has a soft side for her deep down.