Rinko is Asahi Shirobara and Asaki Shirobara's guide ojamajo. She recommends that she is friends with Michiko Arisugawa, because she is being serious about herself.

Appearance Edit

She has long curly black hair that resembles a braid or a ponytail formed. She has a green outfit that she recommended as a magical frog to herself.

Personality Edit

Rinko is a hardworking and serious guide ojamajo. She recommends a warning when she is a magical frog, but Asahi and Asaki are warned by the guide ojamajo when she recommends that she is a real magical frog or a guide ojamajo to herself.

With the other ojamajos Edit

Manako Aoki - She recommends that Manako is her favorite apprentice among the ojamajos. She is being cheerful about the others, but except Asahi and Asaki.

Michiko Arisugawa - She thinks Michiko is her second apprentice who is being helpful to the others. She is serious about Michiko more than Manako, because she is currently a high ranked quality ojamajo.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the character who recommends that she is a magical frog herself.
  • She is Asahi and Asaki's guide ojamajo.