Rinto Sakurai is a nine year old girl and one of the younger Ojamajo. She first met Doremi and Co during a Drum March performance. 

Bio Edit

Rinto met the others when playing in the drum march. She met Pop Harukaze and Hana-Chan through this, and is known for drumming for far distances. She was soon deemed a witch apprentice!

Appearance Edit

Rinto has fair skin and dark purple hair worn in a puffy ponytail at the bottom of her head. Her eyes are lighter in color.

Normally she wears a light green top with lighter polka-dot print and denim shorts with overall straps. Her red boots are accent with purple socks.

Personality Edit

Rinto might be the silliest and youngest in the group! She has dreamed of being in a Marching Band when sheg rows up and when she gets excited she has a tendency to bust out into her Happy Happy Dance. At times she can show a serious side when bored.

She enjoys coloring and reading, and likes lime jello.

Dub Names: Edit

  • Arabic (Spacetoon): sunjlufi mayludi سونجلوفي ميلودي
  • Chinese: 阳光明媚 Yángguāng míngmèi
  • English (4kids): Rinto Shakira
  • Spanish, French: Rinny
  • Korean: 린린 행복 lin lin haengbog

Apprentice Witch (Witchling) Edit

Rinto is a green witch (Witchling in the 4kids dub) where she is trained by Majowinny (Winifred) after calling her a witch and turning her into a greenling.

Her fairy is SoSo, who likes to make puns. SoSo wears green and has matching eyes and short hair. In her aged form she gains a small ponytail.

She has a dark green spade for a crystal ball.


  • Transforming: Pretty witch rintochi!
  • Spell: Pikapika pokopoko paipaipan!
  • Magical Strage: Pikapika pokopoko, Atashiyaku Ni!
  • Royal Patraine: PikaPika Patraine!
  • Spell In Arabic: fa fa so so la la ti!

Family Edit

Rikoko Sakurai (Her Mom)

Yusho Sakurai (Her Dad)

Riolu Sakurai (Her Sister)

Tori Sakurai (Her Baby Brother)

Trivia Edit

  • She is the 10th witch apprentice at the Maho-Dou.
  • Her attire references Luigi, from Super Mario.
  • Her boots were a reference to Dora the Explorer.
  • Her spell was inspired by a fandmade Arabic Magical Doremi dub.

Gallery Edit