Sakuri Hikari is Satori's twin brother. Sakuri is the first male witch apprentice and a twelfth ojamaho(short for ojamahoutsukai). Sakuri was made by PrincessDaisyFan99.

Bio Edit


Sakuri has short and curly dark purple hair and dark red eyes. Even though his eyes are red, he is not a fully-fledged wizard. His everyday outfit is a light blue shirt with an arrow pattern, dark blue pants and yellow-white shoes.

Personality Edit

Sakuri and Satori share similar personality traits. However, he might be a bit timid at times.

Apprentice Wizard Edit

Sakuri was first seen sitting on a bench and eating sour gummy bears. Eventually, he saw Satori transform together with Aiko. He suddenly became an ojamaho when he found a tap (presumably his sisters). His first spell was to make his favorite candy appear on a table. Because he was good with spells, he was hired and eventually got a fairy named Popo. Popo's appearance is similar to Sakuri's, except that his/her eyes are pink.

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