Satori Hikari is Sakuri's twin sister. She is very tough and brave, and a good friend of Aiko. She's the eleventh witch apprentice.

Bio Edit

Appearance Edit

Satori has pale skin with periwinkle eyes and orange hair worn in loose, curving twin-tails at the bottom of her head to match her bangs.

Normally she wears an orange sleeved shirt beneath a yellow dress that has Shining Star written in orange surrounding a star design. She wears a similar hat, along with orange mary-jane shoes, and yellow and orange striped stockings.

Personality Edit

Satori is one of the toughest and bravest ojamajos. She is known for her diligence and humility.

Apprentice Witch Edit

Satori first met Aiko one day while on a swing when her hat suddenly blew off. Aiko caught it and they became good friends afterward. Aiko introduced her to the others and soon she became a witch apprentice. Her theme color is yellow. Her crystal ball is a mix of orange and yellow and it's star-shaped. Her fairy is Titi. Titi is a very happy fairy. When she grew up she got stars on her cheeks and her hair grew into long pigtails.

  • Transformation: Pretty Witchy Satori-chi!
  • Spell: Parapara Poronporon Pichupicha!
  • Magical Strage: Parapara Poronporon, Sabaku Ni!(Judge/Desert)
  • Royal Patraine: Parapara Patraine!
  • Spell In Arabic: fa fa la la so so do do!

Family Edit

Sarika Hikari: Mother.

Sonoko Hikari: Father.

Sakuri Hikari: Her twin brother. She gets along well with her brother.

Rokiko: Their pet dog.

Dub Names Edit

  • Arabic (Spacetoon): Alssidq Alssrria الصدق السرية
  • Chinese: 秘密星光 Mìmì xīngguāng
  • English (4kids): Petunia Sunnyheart
  • Spanish and French: Aleena
  • Korean: 비밀 정직 Bimil Jeongjig


  • She likes lemon bars. It's her favorite dessert.
  • She likes to draw butterflies and big cats.

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