Shadow Aiko is a character created by PrettiWitchiMegChanChi and expanded upon by Kadaj5


As Aiko's Shadow, Shadow Aiko displays a number of traits that Aiko herself either conceals or knows nothing about in addition to certain traits she has. She is also the most foul-mouthed of the Shadow Ojamajos and has a knack for using a well-placed curse word at the most opportune moments.

Shadow Aiko is known for being the most aggressive of the Shadow Ojamajos and is often the first to launch an attack, even if it wouldn't have much of an effect; she typically does this with Shadow Doremi. In a one-on-one battle, she will usually come out on top due to being physically stronger and having some kill under her belt.

Underneath the rough and violent exterior, Shadow Aiko is the type who would look out for those she considers her friends and tends to advise them to stay out of trouble.

Post Dis-joiningEdit

Shadow Aiko is arguable one of the few members of her group to not change much after being dis-joined from her Light Half. Despite this, she has picked up a slightly stubborn streak and has only become more aggressive. Her tendency to be protective of her fellows remains intact.


Shadow Aiko wears clothes that are identical to Aiko's aside from being darker in color. Very little differences can be discerned from the two; onlookers seeing both side-by-side would have to check to see which one is casting a shadow...

As an OjamajoEdit

Shadow Aiko wears the Dokkan uniform just like her Light Half. And like her fellows, the colors of her uniform are altered slightly: All whites becomes blues and all blues become blacks.