Shadow Hazuki is a character made by PrettiWitchiMegChanChi and expanded upon by Kdaj5.


As Hazuki's Shadow, Shadow Hazuki shares a number of traits in common with her in addition to those she hides or denies about herself. She has also demonstrated a tendency towards sarcasm and uses it a lot, especially when she was ignored previously or when coming up with a witty response.

She views herself as being the smartest of the Shadow Ojamajos and is capable of backing it up. As such, she tends to take a lot of pride in her intellect and comes off as an insufferable genius as a result. She even continues being arrogant even when she is wrong.

She has a backbone most of the time, but it tends to falter in situations when Hazuki would be brave herself. As a result, she doesn't scare easily most of the time. However, she tends to berate her Light Half for being shy and weak and becomes annoyed when she runs away from her. At the same time, she takes pleasure in watching her panic.

Post dis-joiningEdit

After being Dis-joined, Shadow Hazuki found it difficult to adapt to a newer mindset. At first, she compensated by slowly exaggerating her pride and becoming more conceited. This backfired on her during a certain event when she was forced to work alongside Hazuki. Despite its aftermath, she remains hostile toward the orange-themed Ojamajo but has since grown a level of respect for her.


Due to being Hazuki's Shadow, SHadow Hazuki looks just like her aside from havig darker colors. Any whites on her normal clothes are replaced by orange while any oranges are replaced by blacks. Her glasses typically have a shine about them, even when no light would be present to provide such a reflection.

She seems to have developed an aversion to cute things for some reason...

As an OjamajoEdit

She wears the Dokkan uniform just like her Light Half. And just like her normal clothes, her apprentice uniform uses a similar scheme: Whites become oranges and oranges become blacks.


"Oh, NOW she decides to grow a backbone!"