Shadow Onpu is a fan character created by PrettiWitchiMegChanChi and expanded upon by Kadaj5


Like Onpu, her Light Half, Shadow Onpu is cunning, skilled, and capable. However, she tends to be a bit of a drama queen and and has trouble keeping her real feelings hidden. She does have some level of compassion but typically reserves it for her fellow Shadow Ojamajos.

Post Dis-joiningEdit

Shadow Onpu adapted easily enough to her dis-joining and is easily the most comfortable with the change. She has also developed a thing for Shadow Momoko and is quite protective of her, especially after she was brutally tortured.


As Onpu's Shadow, Shadow Onpu wears identical clothes that have darker colors. When transformed, she wears the Dokkan uniform with a small number of changes: All whites are purples while all purples are blacks when compared to Onpu's uniform.

As an OjamajoEdit